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Excellence in Development & Quality defines every MORSO-DANLIST product.

Machinery built to last for generations

Dust free operation             No compressor needed             Reduced noise             Accurate cut


Exact double miter, dust free and noise less cutting, superb quality which lasts for generations, etc. are just some of the advantages get from using the Morso choppers.

The Morso miter and notch cutting machines are manually, semi automatic or fully automatic electric machines. You will always find a model exactly for your production.


The Morso is used to cut picture frames, door frames, glazing bars etc. Everything which needs to be cut in miters. Morso miter machines has been cutting picture frames for more than a century, and is widely recognized as the worlds best and most popular machine for cutting picture frames.

Cuts all kind of hard and soft woods, MDF and plastic in a perfect double miter.

With more than 80.000 Morso machines supplied world wide since 1911 the Morso is by far the most popular miter chopper in the world.

4 Generations
Dowel drilling machine

Danlist dowel drilling machines are high capacity, flexible, custom made dowel drilling machines, with an extremely high up time – constructed to drill 24/7. Simply built to last.


Danlist dowel drilling machines can be manually operated, semi automatic or fully automatic self setting machines with a set up time of less than 60 seconds.

Danlist dowel drilling machines can for example be used for drawer side, drawer fronts, bed side, bed slats, cabinets, window and door manufacturing.


BMI panel saws are a low cost, tiltable, flexible, space saving solution for the small to medium size business. The aluminum frame makes the saw easy and light to handle, which means it requires very little effort to tilt the panel saw from horizontal to vertical working position.

The light weight construction makes the BMI panel saw ideal to bring to the construction site too, and cut the sheets into size at the actual working site.

Finally the space saving design makes the BMI panel saw perfect for the smaller location, where the BMI panel easily can be placed against the wall.

danlist repair station

Custom made machines does not necessarily have to be related to cutting or drilling. It could be automatic assembling machines, repair stations, special cutting machines etc. Please feel free to browse our site to find some special solutions previously made.

Did you know, that your existing DANLIST machine is a valued asset and we are interested in trading your pre-loved machine for a newer model.
For pricing and detailed information, please contact us.

Our page with second hand machines shows which machines currently available. We trade in your existing Morso / Danlist machine at any time, when purchasing a new machine.

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