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Frame Assembling Machine

manually operated with a hydraulic foot pedal

For frame assembling with v-nails

➜ Dust free operation

➜ No compressor needed

➜ Noise level below 70 dB

foot pedal, assembling machine
golden frame
frame assembling with v-nails
v-nails assembling

Other available models: Assembling machines: MORSØ UP-H, MORSØ UP-ATH, MORSØ UP-AKS 

Compact and User-Friendly Frame Assembly Machine

Our frame assembly machine is a compact and easy-to-use bench model, operable with a simple press of the hydraulic foot pedal. No compressor is needed – effortlessly insert V-nails by lightly pressing the foot pedal.

Key Features

  • Compact Design: Ideal for small shops as it requires very little space.

  • Easy Operation: Operate from the back to avoid getting trapped inside a larger frame.

  • Versatile Usage: Works well with both hard and soft wood.

  • Hydraulic Foot Pedal: No compressor needed, simply press to insert V-nails.

Ready to Use

The machine comes complete and ready to use, including:

  • 7 mm V-nails

  • 10 mm V-nails

  • No additional equipment is required for startup.

Ideal For

  • Small shops

  • Woodworking professionals

  • Hobbyists looking for a compact solution

For more information about this product or to place an order, please contact us HERE

  • Frame assembling machine
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