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Routing Machine  Pneumatic/Electric


Routing Machine 


Routing machine  Pneumatic/Electric
half lap joint, production
georgian style window manufacture
half lap joint, window bars
window, door bars

Other available routing machines: MORSØ KSDMORSØ KS

MORSØ-KS MINI - The Ideal Machine for Half-Lap Joints in Georgian Window Bars

MORSØ-KS MINI routing machine, is the perfect machine for producing half-lap joints commonly found in Georgian window bars.

This versatile machine is ideal for both plant-on cassettes and rabbet bars, making it a top choice for window manufacturers. With a pneumatic foot pedal, both the router and clamping cylinders are activated, making operation simple and efficient.

MORSØ-KS MINI is designed to route grooves from 6-26mm wide and up to 20mm deep, making it an essential tool for window production. Changing between different round nose router bits is quick and easy. The machine is CE approved and works perfectly in conjunction with the MORSØ-N range of notch cutting machines, widely used in the window making industry.

Benefits of MORSØ-KS MINI for Window Manufacturers:

  • Perfect for half-lap joints in Georgian window bars

  • Versatile use for plant-on cassettes and rabbet bars

  • Essential tool for window production

  • Easy operation with pneumatic foot pedal

  • Routing grooves from 6-26mm wide and up to 20mm deep

  • Quick change between round nose router bits

  • CE approved for safety and quality

  • Ideal in combination with MORSØ-N notch cutting machines


For more information about MORSØ-KS MINI and other products in our range, please contact us here.

  • Routing Machine  Pneumatic/Electric
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